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Huge NAMM music convention comes to Anaheim

2011's NAMM show.
2011's NAMM show.
Rusty Russell/Getty Images

Starting Thursday, thousands of musicians, fans and music-related businesses will descend upon Anaheim. They’re in Orange County for the NAMM Show, an annual convention for those in the business of making beautiful music together.

For four days, the Anaheim Convention Center will be a symphony of drums, guitars and all sorts of other instruments and gadgets. This is where music fans, vendors and musicians check out the latest equipment in their field.

Scott Robertson with NAMM — which formerly stood for the National Association of Music Merchants, and now is officially just NAMM — said a big theme this year is apps for smartphones and iPads.

"You’re seeing a lot more manufacturers incorporating apps into their displays," said Robertson. "You know, [for a] sheet music company [it's], 'Well, here’s the printed sheet music and here’s the, you know, the electronic companion to it.'"

NAMM Show organizers expect about 90,000 people to attend the four-day show, which they say can bring up to an $80 million boost to the local economy.