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Echo Park artist attempts to make music from the movement of babies

Allen's artist space, Machine Project.
Allen's artist space, Machine Project.

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When it comes to musical genres today, there's emo-core, death-core, ska-core and goth-core. And now, thanks to a gallery owner in Echo Park, you can treat your baby to infant-core — music generated by the movement of babies.

Mark Allen is the director of an art space called Machine Project. Each year, artists transform the space in a dramatic fashion — such as last fall, when Nate Page relocated the windows of Machine Project and reinstalled them 20 feet back into the main gallery space.

The result, explains Allen, was a gallery that looked like an outdoor plaza which can be observed from deeper within the gallery.

One day, a couple stopped by with the their baby to play in the new space. Allen said it looked like a "baby aquarium," an observation which inspired him to create a musical symphony with infants.

Collaborator Scott Cazan has written software that uses a camera and a computer to track the movement of babies aged 6 months to 18 months, and convert that information into different sounds. Of course, the symphony will also include the natural sound of babies babbling, giggling and crying.

Allen and Cazan will premiere the results between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. this Saturday. Mark Allen says he makes no guarantees about the quality of the performance.

"We haven’t done this before," he says. "It could sound terrible, not work, be boring, embarrass everyone and end in tears — like most everything at Machine Project."

Anyone who would like to participate can e-mail Allen at with the subject line "sure, borrow my baby."