Sen. Boxer drops neutrality, endorses Democrat Howard Berman over fellow Dem Brad Sherman

Democrats Howard Berman and Brad Sherman.
Democrats Howard Berman and Brad Sherman.
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Democratic California U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer endorsed Howard Berman Tuesday over fellow Democrat Brad Sherman as they fight over a new congressional district that combines the districts they currently represent. Boxer wrote that she was doing this due to a mailer Sherman sent.

The letter from Boxer to Berman announcing the endorsement was dated Monday. She wrote that she'd stayed out of the race so far due to working with both Sherman and Berman on a variety of issues, but "I can no longer do so."

"Because of Brad's campaign mailing, which outrageously tries to connect you to the San Bruno tragedy, I will no longer stay neutral in this race," Boxer wrote.

Boxer also wrote that she hoped the campaign will take on a more positive tone going forward.

The flier criticized Berman for accepting money from Rebuilding America, a political action committee that received funding from PG&E, which was the utility whose San Bruno pipeline exploded in 2010. The mailer said that PG&E "is spending thousands to elect Congressman Howard Berman." Sherman defended the mailer to the Associated Press, saying, "I do not think it is the obligation of our campaign to have boring brochures."