California patient advocate only gives 1 HMO 4 stars

Kaiser Permanente Microclinic, Garfield Center 2
Kaiser Permanente Microclinic, Garfield Center 2
tedeytan/Flickr (Creative Commons-licensed)

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There’s a new report card out from California’s Patient Advocate Office. How does your health plan stack up against the others?

Every year, the patient advocate examines the major HMOs and PPOs in California. Its latest report gives Kaiser Permanente four stars, the highest rating, in most categories.

But even Kaiser has room for improvement — the HMO gets only two stars when it comes to making appointments to see a specialist.

No other HMO got four stars overall, although several got three. These include United Healthcare, HealthNet, Cigna, Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross.

But Anthem comes up short with its PPO plan, receiving only two stars. A spokesman insists that rating is not reflective of Anthem’s service.

You can see all the ratings at the Patient Advocate’s website.