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Southland heat about to turn back to cold Tuesday

David McNew/Getty Images

Remember when you were complaining on Sunday about sweat stains on your tanktop and overcrowded hiking trails? Well, Mother Nature heard your prayers and decided not to take them ironically.

David Sweet of the National Weather Service says that a cold front from the Gulf of Alaska may bring snow showers to the Grapevine and Antelope Valley by Tuesday.

“This cooling trend will affect us as much as 20 degrees," said Sweet. "Not only is it going to be cold, it’s also going to be quite windy.”

Sweet says a high wind warning goes into effect Tuesday for the Los Angeles and Ventura County mountains, but adds that this kind of weather, though obnoxious, is hardly unusual.

“We’re about two weeks away from the first day of spring," according to Sweet. "And in the spring, you can see dramatic shifts as the season undergoes transition.”