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Gene Simmons opens new restaurant and licks it up in El Segundo

Gene Simmons, lead singer and restauranteur
Gene Simmons, lead singer and restauranteur
San Diego Shooter/Flickr

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Rock and roll will never die, it'll just open a theme restaurant.

While celebrity restaurants are nothing new in L.A. and theme restaurants are even more of a presence, most people don't think to make the celebrity the theme.

But most people (obviously) aren't Gene Simmons.

The rock legend is putting his personal vision behind “Rock and Brews," a patio restaurant he hopes will make you feel like you’re backstage at a concert.

“Rock and Brews” will feature “Opening Act” appetizers, “VIP” salads, “Headliner” sandwiches, “Front Row” pizza and “Encore” desserts — all of it served up in a space chock-full of big screen monitors blaring concert footage.

Rock and Brews also boasts dog-friendly eminities, and a children's play area. (Face-painting, perhaps?)

If this catches on in El Segundo, Simmons plans to roll out more restaurants nationwide.