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Arrests made at Occupy event downtown

Police say four people were arrested during an Occupy event downtown on Saturday. The small gathering around City Hall was apparently part of a celebration of the six-month anniversary of the Occupy movement.

A stream of the protest seemed to show a participant hopping the fence, a skirmish shortly after, and others crowding a line of officers near the 47-minute mark as police made arrests.

LAPD Bruce Borihanh said, "[We] wouldn't even call them protesters. Police arrested one guy for trying to jump over the fence, three others for other things." He said he didn't have any more details on the arrests.

"There were no help calls, no field forces were required," said Borihanh. "From a police department standpoint, this was nothing big."

Sam Slovick, who has been supporting the Occupy movement, said he felt the actions of police escalated an otherwise peaceful event to celebrate the anniversary. It was "very hostile, very intrusive. It was weird," he said.