In Orange County, longevity up, crime rate down - but trouble remains

Huntington Harbor in the OC.
Huntington Harbor in the OC.
Orange County Archives via Flickr

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California's County Health Rankings rate Orange County the sixth healthiest county in California — but behind that good news lies some troubling numbers.

The sixth largest county in the U.S. has a growing number of seniors in poverty, as well as more families that need public assistance. More than 45 percent of Orange County children are eligible for subsidized school meals – a national record.

There are also more Orange County kids living in poverty than in past years — and more for whom “home” is a motel, a shelter, a park or a car.

Despite the high health ranking, the report also shows 50 percent of adults in Orange County are overweight or obese. For children, the rate is nearly 40 percent.

On the positive side, researchers found Orange County has the lowest crime rate among similar-sized areas nationwide, and that the rate's been down six years in a row.