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$10,000 reward offered in Inglewood shooting of father who shielded his 8-year-old son

Fredrick Martin jr. and his son Fredrick
Fredrick Martin jr. and his son Fredrick "Tre" Martin III.
Martin family

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Family members of an Inglewood man, shot to death as he shielded his 8-year old son from gunfire, say they’ll join city authorities to offer a $10,000 reward for capture of the shooting suspects. That amount could go higher.

“My wife and I decided as friends of the family to offer a $10,000 reward as an incentive to encourage someone who saw something or may know anything to come forward," said Michael Pratts, husband to the victim's half-sister.

Fredrick Martin, 28, was shot to death last Tuesday as he covered his son when gunshots rang out. The boy, Fredrick III, suffered minor injuries.

As she recalled a moment she shared with her half-brother Fredrick Martin when they were kids in school, Micharri Pratts smiled.

“In the mornings, he would wake up earlier than I did and while I was getting ready he would throw my clothes in the dryer to make sure they were warm when I put them on," she recalled at a news conference Monday. "Little things like that really speak volumes to the type of person he was.”

The family says Martin was a good father and was not associated with any gangs.

Police believe two people are responsible for the incident in front of Martin’s home on West 109th Street. It appears to have been a random shooting.

Martin’s widow is expecting a second child in August.

Correction: An earlier version of this story spelled the victim's name incorrectly.