Add a day — maybe 2 — to the Southern California heat wave

The sun over Los Angeles. The heatwave is going to continue this week.
The sun over Los Angeles. The heatwave is going to continue this week.
irene./Flickr Creative Commons

Forecasters say Southern California's weekend cookout will continue for at least one more day. The cooling trend that was supposed to start Sunday didn't — and it won't start Monday, either.

The National Weather Service forecast calls for continued hot and humid weather in inland areas with an excessive heat warning for the lower deserts. The excessive heat warning will stay in effect through Monday night, with some cooling expected by Tuesday.

But even with the cooling trend in place, the week ahead still calls for temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s in the Los Angeles Basin and Orange County.

The Inland Empire will be much warmer, with highs expected in the upper 90s all week long.

That's still a little cooler than the weekend cooking Southern California got this weekend. Sunday's temperatures ranged as high as 102 in Fullerton, 105 in Riverside and 108 in Woodland Hills.

The Coachella Valley was even warmer, with Palm Springs registering 115 Sunday afternoon.

Mixed in with the heat was what the National Weather Service called “monsoonal moisture” that could bring thunderstorms and flash floods to the deserts and mountains.

Sunday morning, the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning that stretched from Apple Valley to the Coachella Valley to the San Diego County deserts.

By mid-afternoon, the flash flood warning became a tornado warning when a funnel cloud was spotted along Highway 74 in the Lake Elsinore area. Meteorologists aren't sure whether it was a tornado or a powerful downdraft.

There's still a chance of afternoon thunderstorms in the San Bernardino Mountains on Monday and Tuesday, but the National Weather Service has lifted its flash flood advisory.