2 San Bernardino schools to let out early after air conditioners break during heat wave

A screenshot of the Cajon High School homepage.
A screenshot of the Cajon High School homepage.
Cajon High School

Two San Bernardino schools are letting kids out early Tuesday due to the heat and a lack of air conditioning.

Arrowhead Elementary School and Cajon High School are on a so-called "minimum day schedule" with classes ending at noon due to the schools' air conditioning units breaking down Monday. Both students and staff are going to be sent home early.

"Regarding the heat, we haven’t been on a minimum day schedule in a long time," said San Bernardino City Unified School District spokeswoman Maria Garcia. "It’s just the heat wave coincided with the air conditioning units going out. So we’ve done our best. We’ve worked with maintenance and operations to bring in fans as well as cold water."

Garcia said they hope to repair the air conditioners before Wednesday so they can go back to a regular schedule. Weather forecasts predict temperatures that could reach over 100 degrees Tuesday in San Bernardino.

The rest of the district's schools are remaining open with regular hours, though the district's Board of Education building is also closing at noon Tuesday due to non-working air conditioning.

Parents can also call the school's emergency hotline at (909) 888-KIDS (5437) for information.

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