Abused Georgia teen exiled to LA with $200

A scrawny Georgia teen who was discovered at a Los Angeles bus station says he was given $200 and a list of homeless shelters before his abusive stepfather sent him packing.

In a release Thursday, LAPD officials say retired Sgt. Joe Gonzalez was working security for the bus station on Sept. 11 he spotted 18-year-old Mitch Comer, who weighed only 87 pounds and looked much younger.

Comer told Gonzalez his stepfather told him he was now a man, and he'd suffered years of abuse after being taken out of school in the eighth grade.

L.A. authorities contacted law enforcement in Georgia, who investigated Comer's stepfather and mother and subsequently arrested them for alleged child abuse and false imprisonment.

Comer was flown back to Georgia on Sept. 19.