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Suspect may not have known he was shooting at LAPD cop

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Three undercover LAPD narcotics officers were driving down Virgil Street just west of downtown around 3 a.m. Thursday when an SUV pulled up alongside their unmarked car, and fired a shot.

“The bullet struck on the driver’s side. The officer was grazed," said Officer Norma Eisenman. "The vehicle was recovered not too far away. Apparently the suspects jumped out and fled."

Eisenman said it doesn’t appear the shooter knew he was firing at police officers. "Our belief was it was a random shooting," she said.

Police described the suspects as two male Hispanics. The department didn't release the wounded officer's name. Eisenman said paramedics treated the injured cop for a minor wound to his leg.

The bullet traveled through the car door. Eisenman said all black-and-white LAPD cruisers have bullet proof doors, but not all undercover vehicles.

She said police detained 15 to 20 people at a nearby house party after a witness said the suspects ran into the house. None were arrested.