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Hurricane veteran rides out Sandy away from the Chesapeake Bay

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Residents of the mid-Atlantic region are hunkering down, waiting for the brunt of Hurricane Sandy to strike. Big storms are nothing new to most residents of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. But one storm veteran says she isn't taking any chances.

Chestertown resident Karen Fawcett says she’s not going home tonight: she and her two dogs are weathering Hurricane Sandy at her son’s house. Her place is right on Chesapeake Bay, surrounded by old trees, and she remembers when Hurricane Irene blew through town. "I was petrified," she says.  "I mean, the sound, the roaring of the wind, the falling of the trees." Fawcett says there were trees down and flooding.  She says she doesn't ever want to go through that again.

Fawcett says the shelves at the Dollar Store where she works were cleaned out of water, batteries, flashlights, bread, and canned tuna by Sunday. Now, she says, folks are straggling in for junk food before the store closes for the duration of the storm.