Santa Monica nativity scene moving to private land (Map)

A nativity scene in Palisades Park.
A nativity scene in Palisades Park.
via NBC LA

Less than a week after a federal judge ruled Santa Monica has a right to ban religious displays on public land, a Christian group says it will stage its traditional Christmas nativity scene on private land.

The much-debated and litigated display of 14 life-sized figures depicting the birth of Jesus Christ will open 3:00 p.m. Sunday on Ocean Park Boulevard, between Clover Park and 28th Street. 

The group of churches vowed to appeal the ruling. The Christian group's chairman Hunter Jameson says the scenes are scheduled for display until early January.

The committee also cautioned that no traffic lanes would be reserved for viewing the scenes and asked people planning to drive by not to block traffic in the area.

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The atheist group opposing the scene's display on public land praised the decision, saying the scene belongs on private land and staging it there means Christians do have freedom of expression.

The location is miles from the more scenic Palisades Park, where the nativity scenes were first erected nearly 60 years ago.  

The map below shows the distance of the move. The left placemark is Palisades Park; the right is the new home:

Correction: An earlier version of the map above had the wrong location for Palisades Park. Thanks to our readers for pointing out the error.