In Santa Monica, cold temps mean some extra layers -- for some people.

No extra layers for Lance Priebe, visiting Santa Monica from British Columbia
No extra layers for Lance Priebe, visiting Santa Monica from British Columbia

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Temperatures dropped to the low 20s and 30s in many parts of Southern California this morning. In downtown Los Angeles, it was 35 degrees Monday, breaking the 36 degree record set in 2007.  At the Santa Monica Pier, it was relatively balmy at 41 degrees. Despite the chilly temperature, financial consultant Howard Wilson made his regular walk to the pier and back in shorts.

“Today, I gotta wear the hoodie," Wilson said. He was also wearing gloves -- and started his routine  a little later.  

"I waited until the sun started peaking up over the horizon," he said. "Usually, it’s a little earlier, but with the darkness, I didn’t want that cold dark weather blowing on me.”

Dominick Buongiorno wore a ski jacket, instead of his usual light sweatshirt, to walk his dog early in the morning south of the pier. 

"This is unbelievable. This is not normal," said Buongiorno, who paints homes and buildings for a living. "I wear snowmobile gloves now."

Providing a reality check in Santa Monica was Lance Priebe, whose visiting from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada where the temperature is 14 degrees today.  He took a jog in shorts and a two short-sleeve t-shirts. 

"I always laugh" at southern Californians' resonse to a dip in the temperature, said Priebe, who works in the video game industry. "I watch all the people walking around with big ski jackets on, and I’m like, wow, that’s a little too much."

The ski jackets were almost certainly out Monday morning in Lancaster, where the temperature also hit 14 degrees.