Oakland hires former Los Angeles police chief Bill Bratton as consultant

Former LAPD Chief William Bratton.
Former LAPD Chief William Bratton.
Nick Ut/AP

Despite hundreds voicing opposition, the Oakland City Council overwhelmingly approved the hiring of former New York City police commissioner and Los Angeles police chief Bill Bratton as a police consultant.

The council's 7-1 vote early Wednesday came after a meeting that included more than four hours of public comment against and in favor of the regarded international expert known for reducing crime and improving community relations with police.

Police Chief Howard Jordan and Mayor Jean Quan say Bratton is expected to help develop a crime-fighting plan for the city that last year had its violent crime rate jump 23 percent and highest homicide total since 2006.

Critics worry Bratton will suggest a stop-and-frisk policy that could lead to racial profiling. City leaders reiterated that such profiling would not be tolerated.