Ever wonder why zits happen to you? UCLA study has a possible answer

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It’s a fact of life: most of us get zits at one time or another. A whopping 85 percent of teenagers and 11 percent of adults suffer from pimples. 

But there are a lucky few who go through life with barely a blemish.

Just why that happens is the focus of a UCLA-led study on zits, published in the Feb. 28 Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Researchers say the reason some people are more pimple-prone than others may have do do with different strains of the acne bacteria: a bad one that causes pimples and good one they found that seems to protect the skin from blemishes.

And those who don’t get zits very often tend to have more of the good acne bacteria.

The researchers say they hope their findings will help stop breakouts before they happen – and allow dermatologists eventually to customize acne treatments for patients. 

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