Your #DearMayor responses: What should LA's new mayor work on first?

With the May general election now over, we're looking ahead to what the new mayor should make his first priority. We asked what you

The mayor's job will be to make Los Angeles a place we love to live and play, and he will have quite a to-do list.

Check out the requests we've taken so far, and then contribute your own.

How to Contribute:

Tell us you're looking for in the next mayor of Los Angeles. Should he work on our city's streets? Or is it taxes that you feel are more important? Perhaps attracting more businesses is what you really care about? 

Your thoughts will help shape our coverage. We'll compile your requests  through social media -- and bring them to Garcetti

If you use social media:

First, decide what you feel needs to be changed. Then, fill in this blank: "#DearMayor, please improve _________."

Either take a photo of yourself like this or simply write your thoughts on one of KPCC's social media sites. Whatever you decide, don't forget the hashtag, #DearMayor.

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Or you  can simply write to us. Become a source for KPCC.