16-month-old boy falls out a third-story LA window, breaks his arm but survives

Dean Wissing/Flickr Creative Commons

Police say a 16-month-old boy slipped from his father’s arms and fell out a third-story window near Los Angeles, but survived with little more than a broken arm.

Glendale police Sgt. York Tsuruta says the Supertyke is being treated at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Wednesday for an arm fracture and a bruise.

Tsuruta tells the Los Angeles Times the boy and father were peering out the window Tuesday when the boy began squirming and slapping the window screen. He says the boy then slipped from his father’s arms and fell more than 30 feet to the ground.

Police say detectives are investigating the incident, plan to follow up at the hospital and reported the fall to county child services, but say there is no evidence of a crime.