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No serious brain damage to police dog after suspect throws him out 2nd-story window

Police dog recovering after being thrown out second story window.
Police dog recovering after being thrown out second story window.
Fontana Police Department

A police dog sent into a home in search of a man who violated parole was thrown out a second-story window and injured, authorities said Monday, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The dog landed on his head, suffered a large gash, bled through the nose and was staggering after the incident Sunday afternoon, according to a Fontana Police Department statement.

A veterinarian examined the dog, named Jaris, Monday afternoon and said he had no major internal injuries. He's taking the rest of the week off to recover and is expected to return to work the K-9 unit next week.

The incident occurred when officers went to a Mango Avenue home in search of Bryan Bills, 28, who was a wanted parolee considered armed and dangerous, the statement said.

After a woman at the home told them she was there alone, officers heard movement upstairs and asked for permission to search the premises.

Police said the man was spotted trying to escape out a second-story window so the dog was sent rushing in. According to police, the suspect used the dog's momentum to throw him out the open window. After a brief struggle, the man was eventually arrested.

Bills was arrested and booked into jail for investigation of intentional injury to a police service dog, resisting an officer with force and parole violations. A telephone listing for him was disconnected.