Hermosa Beach Pier closed until May for repairs

Hermosa Beach pier at night.
Hermosa Beach pier at night.
Daniel Sofer/Hermosawave Photography

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The Hermosa Beach Pier is getting a makeover.

Workers started sprucing up the pier until gusty winds put the project on hold. 

“It just prevents us from putting up scaffolding but all the equipment’s in place down and around sort of the waterfront and on the beach side of the pier and we’re ready to get it going,” said Hermosa Beach Councilman Michael DiVirgilio. 

Work along the 1,200-foot pier includes replacing damaged concrete structures, installing new fiberglass and plugging-in underwater grout.

DiVirgilio says the pier will reopen by Memorial Day.  In the meantime, he doesn’t expect the closure will hurt the bottom line of nearby businesses.

“There’s so much other access and frontage on the beach and water that’s really accessible to folks visiting the businesses in town,” said DiVirgilio

The city of Hermosa Beach is paying $190,000 for the pier improvements.