Disneyland faces fines after worker hurt in park ride accident

Space Mountain at Disneyland
Space Mountain at Disneyland
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California regulators have fined Disneyland nearly $235,000 for violating safety regulations resulting in a contract worker falling off Space Mountain while cleaning the exterior in November. 

Cal-OSHA issued half a dozen citations against Disney, including three serious ones for what it said were willful violations. Agency spokeswoman Erika Monterroza said the resort had workers change lights and perform other maintenance tasks on the upper exterior of the ride, even though there are no guardrails or other protection against falls. The worker broke bones in the November accident.

“Disneyland Resort failed to correct unsafe work practice of employees at both Disneyland Resort and HSG," she said. 

A representative from Disneyland resort wasn’t immediately available for comment. Disney has until early next month to respond to Cal-OSHA. 

The park voluntarily closed Space Mountain, Soarin’ Over California and the Matterhorn over the weekend as a safety precaution after the citations were issued. Matterhorn reopened Sunday. The other two remained closed Tuesday.