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Welcome to the Television Critics Association press tour


For the next two-plus weeks, I'll be in California, hearing all about the next six months in television. It's the annual press tour of the Television Critics Association, and it's always a combination of interesting discussions, weird little stories, and increasingly punchy critics.

You can see, for instance, all of last year's coverage here.

There's a lot to talk about this year — just today, we'll be hearing from both "Community" showrunner Dan Harmon (albeit about a different project on Adult Swim) and Keith Olbermann, plus the animals of Nat Geo, plus Rob Lowe as John F. Kennedy in an adaptation of a book by Bill O'Reilly, plus ESPN documentaries, plus a poolside event with TNT talent that presents the possibility of bumping into both Franklin AND Bash. There will be much talk over the next two weeks of television economics, the rise of Netflix, the end of "Breaking Bad" and much much (much much) more. Also, there will be parties — last night, there was one where I hugged a puppy. Because ... sure.

So if you hear people on Twitter talking about either "press tour" or "TCA," this is what they're talking about. And the hashtag we're all using this cycle is #tcas13 (which stands for TCA summer 2013), so if you get way too much TCA coverage in your Twitter feed and you have a Twitter client that allows it, you can mute that and it will help a lot.

Today's schedule: Nat Geo, Hallmark, ESPN, TV One, and Turner. And that's just the first day. Of 16. Entire days.

Buckle in.

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