Man chases dog onto street in North Hollywood, both killed by bus

A Los Angeles Metro bus with Metro advertisement
A Los Angeles Metro bus with Metro advertisement
Photo: biofriendly/Flickr

A young North Hollywood man who chased his dog onto a street was hit by a bus and died, as did the dog, Metro spokesman Marc Littman tells KPCC.

"Apparently, a young man was playing with his dog. The ball bounced into the street, the dog chased it, the man ran after the dog, and unfortunately, they ran right into the path of our bus," Littman said, citing witnesses.

The bus tried to swerve out of the way, but it couldn't, according to Littman. He called what happened a "very tragic accident."

The bus involved was the southbound 94. There were three passengers onboard at the time of the accident, but no one was injured, Littman said.

The man's name was withheld pending notification of his family. He was 21 years old, Littman said.

Hitting someone can also be difficult for a bus's driver.

"Typically, it's rather traumatic," Littman said. "We provide special counseling for the operators."

Littman added that it was a lesson to exercise caution.

"Be careful when you're playing around the street, in particular. Buses can't stop on a dime, so it's just very, very sad."

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