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Explosion rocks Santa Ana home improvement store Orchard Supply Hardware

Photograh by Perfect Pose via Flickr Creative Commons

An explosion shook a home improvement store Wednesday morning in Santa Ana. It happened at 9 a.m. at Orchard Supply Hardware on 17th Street, near Tustin Avenue. No one was injured. 

Santa Ana Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna wouldn't comment on the extent of damage to the store. Bertagna said a customer who was entering the store heard the clanking of metal hitting the ground, then hissing, then the explosion.

"We immediately called the Orange County Sheriff's Department bomb squad, who came out to the scene. They looked for secondary devices as well as the device was left behind. They've determined that it is some type of battery device that exploded," Bertagna said.

Bertagna says investigators are still trying to determine how the device ended up at the store's entrance, and who might have put it there.