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Man arrested in Manhattan Beach sex sting sues

File: A restroom on the beach on Manhattan Beach
File: A restroom on the beach on Manhattan Beach
California Pete / Flickr

A man arrested in a Manhattan Beach sex sting has sued the city claiming police unfairly targeted him and violated his privacy when they publicized his name and released his photo.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 22-year-old Charles Couch of Hawthorne filed the lawsuit Friday in a Los Angeles federal court alleging he was subject to false arrest, unlawful search and seizure, and multiple civil rights violations.

The March 2012 operation involved a beach bathroom police said was known as a meeting place for men seeking sex.

Couch says he was working as a caregiver for a mentally disabled child and was waiting outside the bathroom when the child walked into the sting.

Officers came out, tackled and handcuffed Couch.

Couch is demanding $5 million in damages.