Weekend Traffic: NB I-5 extended weekend closures, free shuttles to UCLA game at Rose Bowl, more

Driving from Los Angeles to Palmdale, CA.
Driving from Los Angeles to Palmdale, CA.

Good news: Both the I-5 southbound Vista Del Lago Road on and off-ramps are now open. The bad news:  You might want to brace yourself for full freeway and connector closures this weekend.

On Friday, thousands of UCLA football fans are expected to show up at the Rose Bowl.  To avoid rush hour traffic in Pasadena, Metro suggests taking the Metro Gold Line. If you're attending the game, you can take advantage of the free shuttle ride to the Rose Bowl.

Extended full freeway closures throughout the weekend on the I-5

Expect full freeway closures on the northbound I-5 Santa Ana Freeway between Valley View Avenue to Carmenita Road from Nov. 16-18. There will also be a full connector closure on the westbound SR-91 and northbound I-5 connector. It's part of the I-5 HOV Widening and Alondra Blvd Bridge project aimed at constructing one carpool lane and general purpose lanes, says Caltrans. 

According to Caltrans, L.A. and O.C. motorists may experience significant delays during the closures: 

Northbound I-5 motorists from Orange County into Los Angeles County could experience delays of 60- to 90 minutes if nearly half of the traffic is not diverted to use alternate routes this weekend. 

All of the southbound I-5 lanes will be open for motorists starting from Carmenita Road to Valley View Avenue, reports the Source. Your best bet is to check these detours and plan ahead so you won't be stuck on the 5: 

I-10: Full Freeway closures in Baldwin Park

Both directions of the I-10 between the I-605 and Baldwin Park Boulevard will be closed nightly starting on Friday Nov. 15 through Thursday, Nov. 21, says Caltrans.

Expect delays for up to 5 hours on weekdays and 7 hours on weekends to make way for the closures as a result of work by the L.A. D.W.P. 

Various street, lane and ramp closures will also occur nightly in the City of Fontana, through the early morning. Check here for updates

Closures between Vista Del Lago to Kern County line 

Several lanes, ramps and connectors will be closed on the 5 Freeway between Vista Del Lago Road the Kern County line until Saturday. To ease the burden on commuters, Caltrans says it will not close off consecutive ramps simultaneously. Commuters can expect some delays in the area, despite the opening of at least one lane. Signs for detours will be posted, but closures may change. Caltrans recommends checking this map for updates before heading out. 

Smoother connection to El Monte Transit Center for bikers. 

Good news for bikers in the San Gabriel Valley: The Rio Hondo Bike Path will eventually connect to the El Monte Transit Center to make for a smoother transition. Here's a map of the plan, which will be completed in the next 60 days:

In other news, the Gold Line Foothill Extension will soon be completed. The Source has latest information from a recent Monrovia City Council meeting.

Here's what to expect this weekend, and upcoming weekends:

  • Freeway Closure: The southbound 5 freeway will be closed between the I-5/SR-170 interchange and Sheldon Street from midnight to 4 a.m. through Nov. 26. Read More
  • Ramp Closure at Alondra Boulevard: Northbound 5 on-ramp closed at Alondra Boulevard for bridge demolition. Read More
  • Ramp Closure: Northbound 5 on-ramp closed at Valley View Ave. starting Friday at 8 p.m. until Nov. 18. Read More
  • Ramp Closure at EB/WB Tuxford Street: On-ramp closed at EB/WB Tuxford Street on southbound I-5 for shoulder reconstruction until the end of the year. Read More
  • Ramp Closure at Pioneer Boulevard: The southbound 5 off-ramp at Pioneer Boulevard/Imperial Highway will be permanently closed through April 2014. Read More
  • Ramp Closure at Imperial Highway: The northbound 5 off-ramp at Imperial Highway is permanently closed. Read More
  • Ramp Closure: The eastbound 60 on-ramp at Seventh Avenue will be closed through Sunday from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m. Read More
  • Ramp Closure: Multiple lanes of northbound I-5 will be closed between Vista Del Lago Road and the Kern County Line from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. until Saturday. Read More
  • Ramp Closure: The southbound I-5 off-ramp at Smokey Bear Road will close on Friday, Nov. 15 and open the next day at 11:30 a.m. Read More
  • Freeway Closure: Full freeway closure on northbound I-5 between Valley View Avenue to Carmenita Road from Saturday Nov. 16-18. Click "Read More" for more details on closures. Read More
  • Lane Closure: The southbound 5 between the I-5/SR-170 interchange and Sheldon Street will be closed nightly until Nov. 26, from 12 to 4 a.m.; three lanes between the SR-118 and SR-170 will be closed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Read More
  • Freeway Closure: There will be a full freeway closure between the southbound SR-57 & Azusa Avenue until Saturday, Nov. 16. Read More
  • Ramp Closure at Sunset Boulevard: Northbound 405 Sunset Boulevard off-ramp is closed until November. Read More
  • Freeway Closure: The 405 freeway experiences nightly closures at various locations in Los Angeles, such as a connector closure from the 101 freeway to 405 south. Click "Read More" to see if a closure might affect your commute this weekend. Read More
  • Freeway Closure: There will be a full freeway closure on the I-10 between I-605 and Baldwin Park Blvd. from Friday through Nov. 15 through Nov. 21. Click "Read More" for times and latest updates. Read More
  • Ramp Closure: Citrus Avenue on-ramp closed at the eastbound 10 Freeway from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. until Friday; Recommended path: Valley Boulevard or Slover Avenue to connect with the Sierra Avenue. Read More
  • Ramp Closure: The Citrus Avenue on-ramp and off-ramps will be closed at the 10 Freeway through Friday. Read More
  • Connector Closure: The connectors between the 138 and 5 freeways will be closed from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. until Saturday. Read More
  • Connector Closure: Expect a connector closure from the westbound SR-91 to the northbound I-5. Read More
  • Ramp Closure at Olympic Boulevard: On-ramp closed at 710 SB at Olympic Blvd. for long-term bridge construction until 2014. Read More
  • Lane Closure: Lane closure at New Dock Street to Henry Ford Blvd. on 47 north and south for bridge work until 2014. Read More
  • Ramp Closure at New Dock Street: On-ramp closed at EB/WB New Dock Street on Northbound 47 for bridge demolition until 2014. Read More
  • Lane Closure: Up to three lanes between the I-605 and Azusa Ave. will be closed on the eastbound SR-60 through Sunday. Read More
  • Freeway Closure: Full freeway closure between the southbound SR-57 and Azusa Avenue through Sunday. Read More
  • Construction Update for 2/5 connector: The northbound 2 freeway connector to the northbound 5 freeway is closed due to damages sustained in a fiery tanker crash July 13. Construction repairs began Nov. 5. Read More
  • Lane Closure: Lane closures at Crystal Lake Road on Northbound/Southbound 39 for permanent road closure of highway. Read More
  • Lane Closure: The north and southbound 215 will be affected by two lane changes and ramp closures between Mccall Blvd and Scott Rd until 2014. Read More
Road ClosureS
  • Alondra Boulevard and Freeway Drive Intersection: The Alondra Blvd. and Freeway Drive intersection will be closed until Feb. 14, 2014. Alondra Boulevard Bridge will also be closed until mid/late 2014. Read More
  • Citrus Avenue between Valley Blvd. and Slover Ave. : Expect full street closures from Friday night at 10 p.m. through early Saturday morning until 6 a.m. Read More
  • Corner of Paddison and Zeus avenues: Adoree Street will be fully closed between Kalnor Avenue and the corner of Paddison and Zeus avenues through late February 2014. The corner of Paddison and Zeus avenues will also be fully closed. Read More
  • 1st Avenue and Santa Clara Street intersection: The intersection of 1st Avenue and Santa Clara Street in the City of Arcadia will be completely closed as crews start constructing grade crossing improvements. The intersection is expected to reopen in February 2014. (A temporary re-opening of the intersection is planned for a few days in early November 2013). Read More
  • California Avenue and Duarte Road intersection: As part of the 11.5-mile Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension light rail project, construction crews will work on the Southern half of California Avenue at the intersection of Duarte Road in Monrovia from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday through Saturday until February 2014. California Avenue will be closed. For more details, click "read more." Read More
Metro and Metrolink Alerts
  • Expo Line: Venice Blvd.: From 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays and 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sundays, expect reduced lanes along Venice Blvd. and Robertson Blvd. until January 2014. Read More
  • Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus: Due to Expo Line Phase II construction, Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus will temporarily close a number of Route 5 and Route 12 stops until further notice. Read More
  • Expansion of parking spaces at Metrolink Station: A new 176-space parking lot at the Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo Metrolink Station opened to the public on October 30. Read More
Bike Route Alerts
  • Coyote Creek Bike Path: Coyote Creek Bike Paths will be closed from Alondra Blvd. to Artesia Blvd. until May 2015. Read More
  • Los Angeles River Bike Path: The Los Angeles River bike path will be closed from Clara Street to Imperial Highway due to construction activities until Dec. 9. Read More