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Bail revoked for professor charged with old murder

File: Pomona College
File: Pomona College
Russ Allison Loar/Flickr Creative Commons

A judge has revoked bail for a psychology professor charged in connection with the murder of a man she says raped her after she met him at a bar 18 years ago as a student at Pomona College.

Norma Esparza was cuffed in the courtroom and led away after being hugged by her husband.

Prosecutor Scott Simmons said in court Esparza had been offered a deal of three years for voluntary manslaughter and if she didn't take it she would become a flight risk.

Defense attorney Bob Corrado says his client turned down the offer because she claims she is factually not guilty.

Esparza is one of four people charged in the death of Gonzalo Ramirez.

A preliminary hearing was set for Dec 23.