Elephant who accidentally killed woman now in San Diego

File photo of African elephants.
File photo of African elephants.
Gene J. Puskar/AP

An elephant who accidentally killed a New Zealand zookeeper has a new home in California.

The Los Angeles Times reports Mila, a 7,600-pound African elephant, arrived at the San Diego Zoo on Nov. 14 but she remains under a health quarantine.

Mila killed zookeeper and veterinarian Helen Schofield in April of 2012 at the Franklin Zoo south of Auckland. The elephant became frightened after brushing an electric security fence, grabbed Schofield, squeezed and lifted her into the air. The vet's death was ruled an accident.

The zoo closed and a deal was made for Mila to be flown to Los Angeles and trucked to San Diego.

The zoo wants to eventually put her on exhibit but senior elephant keeper Scott Morford says the timing is up to Mila.