Thanksgiving Weekend Traffic: Road closures and tips for getting out of town

File: The 405
File: The 405
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Metro has some commuting tips for those of you thinking of getting out of town this Thanksgiving weekend.

Sure, you could take your car to get out of town, but why do that when you have mass transportation as an option? Really, it's not that bad.

Anna Chen, Metro spokeswoman, says she hasn't used a car in almost six years now (occasionally getting behind the wheel to go places with her four-legged companion). 

Besides using mass transportation to get to and from work, she has also gone as far as Las Vegas and San Francisco.

"It's part of the journey," Chen says of mass transit, "especially if you're traveling with friends or family members. Instead of having one person who has to focus on the road and focus on driving, everyone can sit back, relax and have fun."

Here's how to take public transit like a pro:

Now, you might still be inclined to drive this weekend. And, with Caltrans and OCTA holding off on construction this weekend, you might think there will be no commuter snags — wrong. This is Southern California. Something is always happening.

Here's what we know:

82nd Hollywood Christmas Parade

View Hollywood Christmas Parade Road Closures in a larger map

Turkey Trots

Turkeys are taking over Southern California! OK, not really. The turkey trot is, however. The annual running event is taking place in a number of SoCal cities, bound to close some roads.

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Check out the list below to see if a trot is happening near you.

The following closures are part of long-term projects, but Caltrans and the Orange County Transportation Authority have announced there will be no construction taking place over the holiday weekend. Some, such as permanent ramp and road closures, may still be in effect.

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