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Granada Hills police pursuit ends in 3-car crash

A Los Angeles Police Department patrol car.
A Los Angeles Police Department patrol car.
steve lyon/Flickr Creative Commons

A police pursuit in Granada Hills this afternoon ended in a crash involving three cars.

The chase started around 3 p.m. after someone called 9-1-1 to report a man with a knife inside a Target store.

Los Angeles police chased the man after he got into his car and fled. 

The short chase ended on Devonshire Street and Woodley Avenue, with the suspect t-boning a Jeep at the intersection-- and hitting a Kia at a gas station.

Edward Garland is the driver of the Jeep, which ended up flipping over. He escaped without a scratch-- and spoke with our media partner NBC 4.

"And I was just about jump out initially, but then the police officers-- I think it was a police officers or bystander who came by-- and said 'you know, just stay in. Are you fine? Are you ok? Are you ok? Just stay in.' I'm like, ' is there another car gonna come and hit me?' cuz I didn't know where I was at when it rolled. So then I just unclipped my seat belt. And then I said, 'Is my car on fire or anything? Cuz I'm ready to jump out.' I said, 'no , you're fine. Just stay and relax."

The driver of the Kia, who was pumping gas at the time of the crash, suffered minor injures. 
The suspect and a passenger suffered minor injuries. Police have taken both of them into custody.