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What does LA look like at 10 pm? (photos)

Los Angeles at night.
Los Angeles at night.

What are you doing most nights at 10 p.m.? Perhaps you're eating a deliciously late dinner, poring over a great book or photographing your precious pup.

Maybe you're also listening to your favorite public radio station: KPCC. 

Why do we ask? Because we're selecting a new program for our 10 p.m. time slot. And we want your help: What's the right fit for your radio? 

CBC's "Q" and BBC's "Outlook" are the two programs being considered. Listen in Monday through Thursday at 10 p.m. and tweet us your feedback with the appropriate hashtag: #KPCCradioQ or #KPCCOutlook. 

In the meantime, we've collected a handful of Instagram photos from folks in and around downtown L.A. Here's what your neighbors are doing most days around 10 p.m.: 

Cruising down Spring Street via @noeljean

A fresh setup via @frequentlyflyer2

Surprise! It's puppies via @mussomariomusic

Videogames and bowling via @chiaraferragni

Perusing the The Last Bookstore via @weirdfishesarpreggi

Relaxing after a busy Sunday via @bukunmigrace

Cleaning the kitchen via @nataljasun

Dog down for the night via @petitejunek

Hanging out at home via @yagirlsody

Breakfast at night via @vinnymese

I love my dog via @skampy

Eating Japanese food via @sherwynatienza

Waiting for ramen via @theashleymorgan

What are you doing most nights at 10 p.m.?