Dry weather expected through January

bossco/flickr Creative Commons

The warm, dry weather in Southern California is likely to stay for the rest of January.

Temperatures are expected to cool down Wednesday and Thursday, but they will still be unusually warm for this time of year, said National Weather Service meteorologist Kathy Hoxsie. 

"You might get a little bit of relief on the temperatures, but they're still going to be above normal," she told KPCC. "And unfortunately until we can get a good storm system in here, that's not going to change much."

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Hoxsie says temperatures are expected to climb again this weekend.

There have only been two years since 1877 that downtown L.A. has not had rain in January. They were 1972 and 1976. Hoxie says this year is expected to be the third.

"To actually have an entire month of January with no, not even a trace of rain, has only happened twice since 1877," said Hoxsie. "And we’re not looking for any rain (this month) so we’re thinking this will be number three."

Governor Brown declared a state-wide drought emergency last week. 

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