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The price of pizza in 44 LA neighborhoods

What's the average price of pizza in your city?
What's the average price of pizza in your city?
Muy Yum/flickr Creative Commons

Yesterday, NPR crunched thousands of pizza prices from around the country, and argued that you should always buy a bigger pizza. (And in a separate post, they presented the case against buying a bigger pizza.)

Curious about the median cost of pizza in the Greater Los Angeles Area? NPR has created an infographic pinpointing neighborhoods with the least and most expensive pizza prices: 

The L.A. city that offers the most expensive pizza at a median of $18.00? That would be Echo Park, followed by Koreatown, Long Beach and West Los Angeles at $16.00. If you're not looking to spend that much money on pizza, you can visit Tarzana. 

To read NPR's full story, click here. 

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