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Proposed residence announced for California serial rapist Christopher Hubbart

Christopher Hubbart has admitted to raping 40 women in California and is scheduled to be released in Los Angeles County.
Christopher Hubbart has admitted to raping 40 women in California and is scheduled to be released in Los Angeles County.
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Serial rapist Christopher Hubbart, who has admitted to raping about 40 women in California, could live at a certain address in unincorporated Palmdale when he is released, a Santa Clara Judge announced Friday.

A judge announced news in October of Hubbart, 62, being released and possibly residing in Palmdale, but a specific address was released Friday, according to a statement from Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey. Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Gilbert Brown said in court that Hubbart may be housed at 20315 East Avenue R. 

A date has not been set for Hubbart's release and a public hearing on his proposed residence will be held next month in San Jose.

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Lacey said in a statement:

I will continue to oppose Hubbart's release. My top priority is to protect our community. If Hubbart is housed in Los Angeles County, my office will work with law enforcement to make sure that he is closely monitored at all times and that all terms and conditions of his release are strictly enforced.

Lacey sponsored legislation, Assembly Bill 1607 (D-Fox), that would require a sexually violent predator to submit to searches of himself or his property at all times. The proposed law also would give attorneys representing counties receiving these convicts to participate in court proceedings to determine where the petitioner will live.

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In 1996, Hubbart was the first person convicted under California's Sexually Violent Predator law, and has been in and out of state institutions for years. Hubbart admitted to raping approximately 40 women in California between 1971 and 1982; 26 of these women were in L.A. County, according to L.A.'s district attorney.

Hubbart is currently being held at Coalinga State Hospital.

Judge Brown will hold a public hearing on May 21, 2014, in San Jose on Hubbart's proposed residence. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has been designated as the point of contact for all written public comments regarding Hubbart's proposed release to the area. 

The public has until May 16 to submit written public comments to Judge Brown by email to or by writing to:

Hubbart L.A. Safety Task Force

c/o Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office

Sex Crimes Division

320 West Temple Street, Room 777

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Anyone who wants to address Judge Brown in person can speak at the May 21 hearing in the Santa Clara County Superior Court, Department 32, 190 West Hedding Street, Fourth Floor.