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Blood Moon: Did you see the lunar eclipse? If not, here's the video

The "blood moon" as seen from Koreatown, west of Los Angeles, early Tuesday. The next total eclipse of the moon comes on Oct. 8.
Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images
Last night's blood moon over Monrovia.
Hugo Torres
Our listener Brennan Maxwell took this photo of Monday night's Blood Moon.
Brennan Maxwell
"I was on the roof of the Ace Hotel showing party goers the Eclipse through our telescopes," said listener Craig Bobchin.
Craig Bobchin
Francis Delapaz

There were "whistles, cheers and howls" early Tuesday on the grounds of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles as the moon turned red during a total lunar eclipse.

As the Los Angeles Times adds, "Telescopes dotting the lawn pointed upward and southward, as the moon hovered above the observatory" and visitors who had packed the grassy lawn "scrambled toward the front of Griffith Observatory, pointing up at the reddening moon."

The view was great across much of the Americas, though clouds interfered in parts of the eastern U.S.

KPCC previewed the event on Monday. During the event, NASA hosted a live chat and posted video of the eclipse here.

Reminder: If you didn't go out to see this eclipse or if clouds got in your way, there are three more coming in the next year and a half: on Oct. 8; April 4, 2015; and Sept. 28, 2015.

The eclipse as it happened 

NASA has posted this video of Tuesday's total lunar eclipse:


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