LA police in standoff with assault suspect

File photo: Caution tape.
File photo: Caution tape.
Photograh by Perfect Pose via Flickr Creative Commons

Los Angeles police responding to a report of an assault are in a standoff with a suspect in a building in the San Fernando Valley.

Police spokesman Richard French says a SWAT team is on the scene Friday morning, but he notes that it's not known if the man is actually armed.

Officers responded to the assault report at 7:30 a.m. and a barricade-type incident developed.

KTTV, with a helicopter overhead, reports that the building is a Disabled American Veterans hall and that a man has walked in and out a door several times, once making the sign of the cross.

Police have set up a perimeter around the scene in the Corbin Avenue area of the valley's Winnetka neighborhood.