Rialto school district slammed over Holocaust assignment

Héctor Suárez De Jesús/flickr Creative Commons

After heavy opposition to an eighth grade essay assignment, a spokeswoman for a California school district says students will not be asked to argue that the Holocaust didn't happen.

Rialto Unified School District spokesperson Syeda Jafri tells the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin that the superintendent of the Rialto Unified School District will make sure all references to the Holocaust not occurring will be stricken from any current or future assignment.

In the statement, Jafri also said that the holocaust should be taught. 

"The holocaust is and should be taught in classrooms with sensitivity and profound consideration to the victims who endured the atrocities committed. We believe in the words of George Santayana, 'Those who cannot learn from history are bound to repeat it.'"

The Daily Bulletin wrote about the assignment on Friday, causing a firestorm of opposition from parents and groups like the Anti-Defamation League.

The original assignment was to do some research and, citing sources, write an essay on whether the Holocaust actually occurred or not.

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