Hidden Cash's Pez tour headed to LA

Hidden Cash embarks on a Pez tour.
Hidden Cash embarks on a Pez tour.
Hidden Cash

The scavenger hunt for free money will continue in Los Angeles this week, according to a Tweet from @HiddenCash.

This time, it's a "Pez tour."

Over the holiday weekend, Hidden Cash filled 25 Pez dispensers with $50, $60, or $100 and hid them on Pacific Beach in San Diego. People crowded the area and dug for money. Winners tweeted their findings. 

Tweet from Hidden Cash

Tweet from Edie

Tweet from Versace Python

Hidden Cash tweeted Sunday that it's headed to Fresno — and then Orange County, Inland Empire and Los Angeles starting Thursday.

Tweet from Hidden Cash

Angelenos tweeted their excitement — and this guy even offered to help hide the money. 

Tweet from Justin Reynard

The cash frenzy began in San Francisco in May. It quickly spread to other parts of Southern California, including Burbank, Pasadena and Echo Park. The donor remained anonymous for weeks before identifying himself on CNN as Bay Area real estate investor Jason Buzi.

Video of the man behind Hidden Cash

Follow @HiddenCash on Twitter for clues on where you can find the money this week.