25 percent turnout in June primary was lowest ever

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Secretary of State Debra Bowen says only 25.2 percent of registered voters participated in the June 3 primary election, the lowest turnout for a statewide election in California history.

Bowen certified the primary results on Friday. She says the election also had the highest rate of voting by mail, at 69 percent. That beats the June 2012 record of 65 percent.

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The results come as clerks in two counties started recounting ballots in the controller's race. Democratic Assemblyman John Perez of Los Angeles was 481 votes behind Democratic Board of Equalization member Betty Yee for second place.

Bowen says if there was ever an election where every vote mattered, "this was certainly it."

She says the controller's race should remind registered voters to participate in the November general election.