PF Chang's says 8 Calif. locations hit in data security breach

Scott Olson/Getty Images

If you've picked up the tab at P. F. Chang's in the last ten months, you might want to remember which location and when and head to this link.

The Asian-themed restaurant chain said Monday that it identified 33 restaurant locations where the security of credit card processing systems was compromised.  Eight of the locations are in California: Torrance, Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga, Sherman Oaks, Newport Beach, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, and Palo Alto.  

In a statement, P.F. Chang's CEO Rick Federico said the company learned of a possible security breach from the U.S. Secret Service in June and has been investigating ever since: 

Our team, including third-party forensics experts, has been working continuously to understand the nature and scope of the incident. This investigation is ongoing. The security compromise, however, has been contained, and P.F. Chang's has been processing credit and debit card data securely since June 11, 2014.

The statement says an "intruder" may have stolen some data from debit and credit cards during certain time frames.

"The potentially stolen credit and debit card data includes the card number and in some cases also the cardholder's name and/or the card's expiration date," the statement continues.  "However, we have not determined that any specific cardholder's credit or debit card data was stolen by the intruder."

Security blogger Brian Krebs first reported the P.F. Chang's investigation in June.