Humpback whales attracted to California's coast by massive schools of anchovies


The massive schools of anchovies are drawing large numbers of humpback whales to central California coast. The splashing spectacle can be seen until early October this year, Capital Public Radio reports.

Humpbacks are on the feeding frenzy and they can eat two to four tons of the small shimmering fish a day. “The anchovies really are the dinner bell being rung," Dan Albro of the Monterey Bay Aquarium told Capital Public Radio.

Albro says California is lighting up with humpback activity now, whales can be watched at Santa Cruz and further south. Anchovies are also bringing out the dolphins, sea lions and pelicans, according to Albro.  

After October, the humpbacks will head south to Central America, where they will be fasting for the winter.