Thousands face Tuesday deadline to prove legal residency or lose health coverage

Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee.
Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee.
Peter Lee

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Thousands of California families have until Tuesday to prove lawful residency in the state or face losing health insurance they bought through Covered California

Families who purchased health insurance through Covered California were required to provide certain documents to show they legally live in the state.

But for many, that process is incomplete. Covered California officials say some families did not send in all of the required documents, while others sent paperwork that was illegible.

The agency sent out notices in English and Spanish in early September to nearly 100,000 families informing them of the Sept. 30 deadline, and explaining how they can submit a variety of documents to prove legal residency, from a U.S. passport, to a driver’s license, to a green card.

"We want to clear these inconsistencies so that our consumers can have a smoother renewal process without any interruption in their coverage," said Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee.

The agency stressed that all documents will be handled "confidentially," and they "will not be used for immigration enforcement."

Families who fail to prove their residence by Tuesday risk losing their insurance coverage and any federal tax subsidies they receive. Those found ineligible for the tax break may be required to pay it back retroactively, said Lee.

Qualifying documents include: