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Ferguson: 8 arrests made on fifth night of Los Angeles protests

Protestors ask police to let them go.
Protestors ask police to let them go.
Deepa Fernandes/KPCC

Los Angeles police made more arrests during a fifth night of protests over the Ferguson, Missouri police shooting.

Small groups took to the streets Friday west of downtown Los Angeles and in Beverly Hills.

In L.A., several dozen protesters were cornered by a vastly larger number of police officers, who warned them to disperse after some had disrupted traffic.

Cmdr. Andrew Smith says only eight were arrested, however — including one who allegedly shoved an officer. That makes around 380 arrests over a week of mostly peaceful protests.

The eight arrests include two for outstanding warrants, five on suspicion of failing to obey a lawful traffic order and one for misdemeanor battery of an officer, LAPD Officer Jane Kim told KPCC.

Most of those detained are free pending court hearings.

At an earlier news conference, speakers questioned police tactics, saying officers hadn't issued orders to disperse before making mass arrests.

However, Smith says the warnings were clearly given.