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The alternative gift guide: 6 last-minute ideas

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Since mom already has a bunch of socks and your husband does not need another bathrobe, we asked our listeners what alternative gifts they're buying this year. 

This is what you told us (plus, a few favorites from KPCC staff):

1. Maybe you're crafty

Maybe you're crafty

From mittens to dog treats, HGTV has a photo slideshow of 55 crafty gifts you can make for your friends and family. 

Click here for the dog biscuits with cream cheese frosting recipe mentioned above. We also found this handy how-to video. 

How to make dog treats

Or maybe you'd rather take tips from Cesar Millan. He's got all kinds of quick and healthy recipes for the pups.

2. Maybe you're not 

Video: Learn about Kiva

A couple of our digital friends suggested charitable donations as an alternative gift. On Facebook, Rachel Palfini mentioned a Kiva gift card. It's a non-profit that let's you lend as little as $25 to a small business in need. When the borrower repays you, reinvest in another (more in the video above). Here's where to buy a gift card. You can also shop artisan goods from Kiva borrowers here.

Check out Just Give's holiday gift guide for more options. Oh, and here's how to make sure the charity is legit.

3. Insta that

Make your memories move with these personalized flipbooks, suggests our Facebook friend Sairam Suresh. But, those probably won't arrive in time for Christmas. 

There's also Instathis, which is offering 20 percent off with the code INSTAXMAS. Order by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday for guaranteed Christmas delivery. These coasters are pretty cool. 

Check out these cool coasters

4. Genetic testing... Why not?  

Oprah made this cool years ago, but it's not too late to follow suit. Our Facebook friend Carissa Morrison Ferro suggested buying one from 23andme. Here's how it works: 

Video: 23andMe DNA processing lab

The results will reveal what percent of your DNA is from various places around the world. A kit costs $99. 

Our Facebook friend Edward Giovannie Singleton wrote: "I've tried this and it was sooo worth it." 

5. Know someone named Bob? 

Bobs are so cool

Then you're in luck because Sky Mall has an entire section dedicated to him. I highly recommend Bob's Affirmation Box — a guaranteed hit with any dude named Bob. 

6. Beard decorations 

Check these out

It's beard season. Unfortunately Beard Baubles are sold out on the official website, but you can still pick some up for an inflated price on eBay. More on that here. And there's always the Beard Pack or Beard Envy if that's too expensive. More on this trend from Take Two here.

What alternative gifts are you giving this year? Tell us in comments, on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are more ideas; tell us yours