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Video exists of 'Suge' Knight in deadly hit-and-run, attorney says

Ex-rap music mogul Marion
Ex-rap music mogul Marion "Suge" Knight.
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An attorney for Marion "Suge" Knight says there's video of an incident in which the hip-hop music mogul hit two men with his pickup truck, killing one.

James Blatt says Saturday that the video is in "police custody" and he'll see it on Monday or Tuesday.

Blatt says he's confident it will show Knight being attacked by four men through his truck window and him fleeing in fear of his life.

Sheriff's investigators say Knight was asked to leave a film set Thursday after an argument broke out between him and a man working there.

Later, the two exchanged punches in a fast food restaurant parking lot in Compton before Knight ran him over and fatally struck a friend with his truck.

Knight's been booked on suspicion of murder.