#NameOurRoo: LA Zoo asks public to name kangaroo, offers prizes

The public can compete to name a baby kangaroo at the LA Zoo.
The public can compete to name a baby kangaroo at the LA Zoo.
Tad Motoyama/LA Zoo

For the first time in nearly 20 years, the public has the opportunity to name a Los Angeles Zoo animal, the Zoo announced this week.

The public naming is a contest titled #NameOurRoo, in which people can name the zoo’s new baby kangaroo. The last time the public had a chance to name a baby animal was in 1996.

The winner of the contest will receive a GoPro HERO4 Camera and a Family Deluxe Membership to the Zoo, while two runners-up each receive a Family Membership, the Zoo said.

To enter the contest:

The entry and voting deadline is April 26 at 11:59 p.m. After that, judging will take place April 27 to May 1.

Some of the #NameOurRoo entries so far include variations on the name “Roo,” including “Audroo” and “Roosemary.”

The contest is part of the zoo’s Meet Our Babies event through April 26 where the public is encouraged to visit young animals including Rosie the baby hippo, a baby giraffe, five baby chimpanzees, two baby otters and more.


Correction: An earlier version of this story was based on inaccurate information from the Los Angeles Zoo. Zoo officials have since said the #NameOurRoo contest is the first time since 1996 the public has had a chance to name a baby animal, rather than the first time ever. The story has been updated accordingly.