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Earth Day 2015: 8 ways we conserve water

You're probably aware: It's Earth Day. Social media is abuzz every April 22 with ways to show support for Mother Nature. This annual event began in 1970, and it's celebrated in 192 countries around the world. 

Here at KPCC, we're excited to talk about ways we save water. As we anxiously await rain, let's honor the Earth with a few conservation tips. 

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What little grass we had turned to gravel. Drip irrigation covers all the plants and trees on the property. 

Steve Julian, host, Morning Edition

To help save water I take what's commonly known as a Navy Shower: rinse; shut off the water; soap/shampoo; then rinse again. This helps cut down water use by keeping water from constantly running while in the shower. This can be even more effective when using a shower head that conserves water output. 

—Brian Vasallo, manager, digital revenues and initiatives

When it's yellow, let it mellow... Or invest in low-flush toilets. 

Hettie Lynne Hurtes, anchor, midday news

I try to take shorter showers. Not having hair helps. 

Brian Frank, digital news producer 

After working with Molly Peterson on this car wash story, I stopped washing my car. I've always felt getting my car washed is unnecessary. The dirt adds character! (By the way, my car's name is Black Bean. And it's a he.)

Maya Sugarman, photo/video journalist

I don't have many different ways to conserve water, as I live in an apartment, but I try to take short and efficient showers. I shave outside of the shower (or sometimes not at all). And I've also been avoiding washing my car.

Jacob Margolis, associate producer, Take Two

I have buckets set up around my house to collect rain water. One day, I'll get a real rain barrel and collect that city rebate! 

Kristen Lepore, digital producer, social media

I conserve toilet flushes; I stop the shower water while lathering; and I hold a bucket while the shower water gets warm. I haven't figured out what to do with the bucket of water yet, though.

Jed Kim, environment reporter 

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