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Mountain lion hiding out at Acton shop tranquilized by authorities

A shop owner was greeted with a furry surprise when opening a small tool shed in Acton on Friday morning. The shop owner fell back as a 75-pound female mountain lion jumped out and ran under a parked car.

The shop owner called 911, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was dispatched to the scene, tranquilizing the roughly 3-year-old cat.

"The cat was not acting aggressively or doing anything like that," said Janice Mackey, the department's information officer. "I think she was a little dismayed about where she was."

The cat may have been locked inside the shed the night before when the owner had not locked it yet, Mackey said. "There's open space and wildlife corridors in that area, and lions can travel a great distance," she said. 

Mackey said the mountain lion will be released at an undisclosed location.

"I think they were both shocked and surprised," she said. "The lion doesn't want anything to do with the human and the human doesn't want anything to do with the lion."